Master's in Geography (MGeg)

The Master’s in Geography is based entirely on course work and deepens your understanding of physical, human and/or environmental issues – and how they interact – in a broader, more integrative manner than would either the M.A. or the MSc research degree streams.

In this sense, the Master's in Geography is a non-specialist degree that's ideal if you are already in the workforce and want to upgrade your qualifications. It also offers you an opportunity to improve your technical research skills, especially through advanced GIS and remote-sensing courses.

What’s more, the degree exposes you to the full breadth of academic geography and to the rapidly evolving field of geomatics/GIS science that uses information technologies in new ways to understand environmental and population issues.

The degree is especially valuable for teachers, as well as for professionals working in policy development for public or private agencies where cutting-edge knowledge of environmental and social change challenges is especially sought after.


 The Department of Geography has five research laboratories to support graduate-student and faculty research in these areas: physical geography, paleoclimatology and climatology, cryospheric science, applied geomatics and GIS sciences, and environmental health analysis.

For more information about this program, please refer to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

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